People to People

Under the motto ‘Proximity creates novelty’ and within the People to People framework programme, the Euregio Maas-Rijn supports cross-border initiatives for citizens.

People to People improves awareness of cross-border cooperation and aims at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Micro-projects are exchanges between public institutions, citizens, associations, organisations, visitors, etc. They cover the following measures:

  • Sport en cultuur: organisatie van sport- of cultural events, exhibitions, guided visits or the development of joint visitor cards and ticketing;
  • Labour market, education and youth: promoting intercultural exchange, such as trainee programs or the development of knowledge about neighbouring countries;
  • Communication and marketing: joint production of television and/or radio programmes or use of other means of communication on Euregional themes;
  • Citizen participation and public services: the organisation of meetings, seminars, conferences and events in the context of citizen participation, as well as the commemoration of a historical event.

Examples of projects are information meetings, cultural days, festivals, sporting events, publications, etc.

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