Interreg Volunteer Youth (IVY) is an initiative promoting volunteering experiences within European projects of cooperation between regions. IVY volunteers support and help raise awareness of the concrete achievements of European Territorial Cooperation, also referred to as Interreg. Interreg allows to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions, building on solidarity, cooperation and encouraging integration in Europe.

With IVY, the volunteers can help show the positive impact of Interreg for the development of all regions in Europe and on citizens’ daily life. IVY strengthens the sense of European belonging, citizenship and civic engagement as volunteers get involved in projects enhancing social cohesion, local development and environmental protection.

Young people make an impact and show solidarity while making an experience of personal growth, whether in the country they are from or discovering a new one. Since March 2017, almost 400 volunteers have joined IVY contributing to the visibility of Interreg projects all over Europe.

Follow their stories: https://www.interregyouth.com/blog. 

IVY website: https://www.interregyouth.com/