From idea to Euregional project

You have an idea for a project. So what now?
You have been looking on our website, you have a good idea for a project and you are considering submitting an application to Interreg. Consult in any event your ‘Regional Antenna’: the person in your region who acts as a guide for the programme. This person will help you further with all your questions concerning Interreg, the project proposal, any project partners, the selection conditions and the procedure.

The idea

If you have partners on board and if the actions are clearly formulated and budgeted, you can submit your project proposal. In the first instance, that will be a draft.

Describe in any event the way in which this project provides a response to a cross-border problem, opportunity or need and how the results will offer benefits to the region and its inhabitants. Consider, too, the long-term effects and impact, even following the project period. 

The timeframe and the deadline

The progression from idea to project takes place in two phases, the advice phase and the selection phase. Within those phases, the application is effected in no more than three steps:

    a. Drafting outline (optional)
You develop and submit a drafting outline. This contains essential information about the project in simplified form. The format in which this outline must be submitted can be found on the downloads on the site. The entire procedure is digitised, so you must always submit your applications within the e-portal of Interreg EMR.  
The drafting outline must be submitted within the term set for that purpose. After the term has expired, the drafting outlines will be assessed and recommendations will then be made to the applicant. These recommendations often relate, in particular, to the application itself. 

    b. Drafting application
Following these recommendations, you can alter the drafting outline and develop it as a draft application form.In response to the feedback regarding the project outline, the Regional Antenna advises you during the drawing up of this application.
The submitted drafting application is assessed by the advisory group, with recommendations being made regarding the description of the substance of the project.

    c. The official submission application
Following the recommendations, the drafting application can be revised to arrive at a official submission application. The formal, official submission application is the project document on the basis of which the selection is made. This application must be received by the deadline and be provided with the required enclosures.
This application must also be submitted via the programme e-portal (eMS). Here, too, the Regional Antennas can assist.

Selection procedure and granting

After the closing date, the assessment will be made and the advisory group will formulate advice regarding each application. Partly on the basis of the advice, the Monitoring Committee will take a decision and the applicant will receive a positive or negative result. 


Your project proposal must naturally benefit the people of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, either directly or indirectly. Organisations that can submit projects and ideas that benefit the public are:

  • regional and local authorities
  • economic and social partners, e.g. employers’ associations and trade unions
  • business owners, especially SMEs
  • schools, universities of applied sciences, research universities and other educational institutions
  • hospitals and other health care facilities
  • intermediary organisations and regional development companies
  • organisations focusing on nature conservation and the environment, tourism, the arts and culture, and social work

If you have a specific project in mind and think you may be eligible for Interreg funding, please read our manual about the programme themes and objectives, selection process, criteria, and rules and regulations.

Forms and assistance

The forms required for a drafting application can be found at Downloads on the Interreg EMR website.

If you require assistance, you can turn to the Regional Antenna. These can be found per region on our website.