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Excel upload in the list of expenditure

Beneath, you will find a short tutorial on an Excel template on the list of expenditures

If you are experiencing any problems with the upload, please also refer to the guidance document below. 

Supplier drop-down list in the list of expenditure

Are you preparing your partner report and complete the list of expenditures? With the new supplier-drop down list, it's even easier to complete the supplier field and keep track of your costs.

20% budget flexibility rule

This tutorial is explaining the 20% flexibility rule. In the video, we give you several examples of said rule and explain how to monitor the budget rule. You will also receive some recommendations and best practices.

Attention point: The examples in the tutorial (concerning office and administration costs) are calculated with 15% of staff costs in mind. Please find further information on the flexibility rule - concerning your specific call - in the presentations below. 

20% Flexibility Rule Presentations

eMS rapporteren

Besides the guidance documents that you can find in the download section on the application, the call, state aid, and other issues, please also refer to these guidance documents which are specifically dealing with the reporting in the eMS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have also collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our applicants concerning the eMS. You can find our FAQ here: eMS FAQ

It answers the most common questions on the monitoring system. 

eMS Helpdesk

If you cannot find any solution to your problem, please feel free to contact our eMS helpdesk: ems-helpdesk@prvlimburg.nl

When you write to the helpdesk, please always include the name/number of your project and, if you face technical problems, screenshots of the situation. We try as much as possible to give you an answer within 2 working days.