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Are you eager to make your business smart and sustainable, guarantee inclusive growth and create economic, social and territorial cohesion? Then seize the opportunity in the Euregio by submitting a project proposal that reflects one of the four themes of the Interreg V-A Meuse-Rhine Euregio (EMR) programme.
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If you have a specific project in mind and think you may be eligible for Interreg funding, please read about the programme themes and objectives, selection process, criteria, and rules and regulations. You can also contact the programme secretariat or your regional antenna.

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05 oct
IVY offers young (18-30) Europeans the opportunity to work for 2 to 6 months as a volunteer on an Interreg project. In that way, they can become actively acquainted with EU programmes and projects, and can contribute in various ways to the project concerned. See:
20 jun
Calendar procedure 4th call for project Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine
The procedure for project proposals (a call) is shown in the calendar below. If you want to fund your project through the Interreg V-A Euregio Maas-Rijn program, you can submit your project during this period. The call has an opening and closing date. Outside this period, it is not possible to apply for funding for a project proposal.
06 jun
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