N-POWER: 'Strengthen citizens to shape the city together'

24 apr 2019

The N-POWER project was launched this week. N-POWER will develop new approaches to revive urban areas that are in decline, such as such poor neighbourhoods and former industrial sites.

N-POWER will test new ways of financing community initiatives and will develop a training programme.  10 pilot projects are planned in Aachen, Genk, Eupen, Heerlen, Liège, Seraing and Verviers.

Citizen participation and empowerment - or 'co-creation' - is a central theme in the N-POWER project. Mayor of Genk Wim Dries opened the project and said:
'Citizen participation is not just a hype. It means that you have to get down to work. It is a shared responsibility between authorities and citizens. Let’s strengthen citizens to shape the city together.’

N-POWER is led by Université de Liège and receives support from Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

More information: www.n-powerinterreg.eu