euPrevent Social Norms Approach

This project is the result of a partnership that has existed for 15 years under the name euPrevent Addiction. This partnership has now been placed within the euPrevent Foundation.

Demographic developments in the EMR are leading to a growing number of elderly with alcohol-related health problems. From a health–economic point of view, the assumption is that increasing costs due to alcohol-related diseases among the elderly will have an enormous impact on health care systems in the EMR. The objective of euPrevent SNA is to achieve a better quality of life by improving addiction prevention.  With the development and initiation research and training programmes the project will address these challenges.

The long-term goal is to support policy objectives in the field of public health in the EMR, to inspire the population to live healthily and to maintain the existing good working relationship as well as reinforcing it with new partners.


Public Health in Limburg |  Social Norms Approach - Interview with project leader Hans Dupont
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