skills4you sets out to study, develop, create and disseminate digital skills4all. A state-of-the-art study in schools/colleges/universities will be done in the three regions. The necessary tools to understand the challenges of blended learning and digital skills will be provided for teachers. Training modules for learners will also be created to help them manage their online learning in a blended learning environment. Finally, a tailor-made professional program for teachers referred to as our 'Diffentiated Instruction intervention' to support students will be designed, implemented, evaluated, and disseminated.

The tools will be spread across the region so that all learners, teachers, and trainers can benefit from the developed tools and materials. 

The first target group will be teachers in secondary education who teach in the last two years of secondary education and teachers who teach a course in the first year in higher education. The second target group will be students in the last two years of secondary education who will move on to the labour market or higher education. First-year students in higher education will also be involved.

The main activities of the Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine project skills4you are:

  • Training teachers in differentiated teaching
  • Train trainers to enable them to design their online systems in such a way as to avoid dropping out and to provide the best possible support to learners
  • Train learners so that they have a real mastery of the proposed tools and the usual digital uses in a learning context

The project will create the following elements: 

  • A programme on differentiated teaching for teachers
  • Organisation of workshops to raise awareness of the modules and implementation of an information campaign on e-learning
  • Realisation of training modules about self-regulation, information literacy, and/or critical thinking, and flipped learning for teachers and learners
  • Realisation of a study on new practices in e-learning/blended learning to allow the creation of a toolbox for any educational actor 


Interreg V subsidy

Total eligible costs: € 2.816.378,51
ERDF-contribution: € 1.408.189,23