The main goal of the SolarEMR project is to demonstrate the cost-effective automated production and integration of customised solar panels, such as photovoltaic modules (PV) and power electronics (PE) in facades, roofs, and infrastructure, such as noise barriers and roads is possible.

Previous Interreg projects in the programme region, such as Rolling Solar, have shown that the technical know-how for the development of building-integrated PV and infrastructure-integrated is available within this region. These initiatives generated many opportunities for regional SMEs which will contribute to this follow-up project.

Now, the next challenge lies in optimally connecting these energy sources with the local users and the local grid. The SolarEMR project is therefore going to scale up the technologies demonstrated in previous projects as well as on enabling SMEs as end-users. That is why the project aims to actively involve local companies, in particular other SMEs in the region.