Follow-up of the People to People fund

16 jun 2022

Many inhabitants of our border region are crossing the national borders every day to go to school, university or work. Apart from that, there are also many business-related interactions between inhabitants from different countries and regions. These encounters are being facilitated by projects the programme is funding, among others through the People to People fund. Currently, a renewal of that fund is being negotiated.  

The Interreg EMR programme has the ambition to bring inhabitants of the border region closer together with its People to People small project fund. At the heart of these small-scale projects are the encounters of people from other regions and countries, as well as the involvement of citizens and civil society.

The Interreg EMR programme has decided to continue its support to such small-scale initiatives beyond the end date of the currently running People to People fund. It, therefore, launched a negotiated procedure and invited the Stichting Euregio Meuse-Rhine to set up a follow-up project that will run until the end of 2023.

The Monitoring Committee of the programme will take a selection decision on this initiative by 30 June 2022.