This Is Europe Podcast Returns For Season 2

27 sep 2021

September 22 was an exciting day for the This Is Europe podcast. This day was all about celebrating the new season for the podcast by hosting a Launch Event on Zoom and YouTube. Among many other amazing cross-border projects, this second season of This is Europe will also feature the Interreg Euregio Meuse-Rhine project In de zorg – uit de zorgen (IDZ-UDZ)

This is Europe is a podcast revolving around the countless projects made with Interreg’s aid. Join host Shahidha Bari for about 30-40 minutes, in which she talks to the Europeans whose lives have been transformed by Interreg. A community that was created in a spirit of knowledge-sharing and collaborative thinking both within the EU and beyond to help create a peaceful and prosperous union. 

The event was filled with enthusiastic viewers all over Europe, ready to celebrate the new season, and Shahidha Bari, host of This is Europe as well as Max Bower, producer for the new season, granted us a look behind the scenes. Bari remarked, “I did not realize how powerful cross-border projects could be until I worked for the podcast.”

Bower agreed by adding the story of Bio Canteens, a project fighting food waste.” Even though the project has ended, it came from a real need and took life beyond the project”, recalled Bower.

After the question “What was your favourite episode?” was asked, both enthusiastically recalled numerous episodes, showing their passion for the projects and their excitement for the upcoming episodes talking about new and interesting projects all over Europe. Max in particular also pointed out the episode on refugees, a topic that is as up to date as ever and which, among others, also features our project, In de zorg – uit de zorgen

As of now, the very first podcast episode Culture in Crisis is available for everyone to listen to! It explores how Interreg programmes have helped artists and workers throughout the cultural sector following the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And do not forget to tune in on Wednesday, when the podcast will discuss the next topic - refugees in Europe!