EMR Digital Twin Academy

The concept of the EMR Digital Twin Academy is to crush, what are in our minds artificial barriers between teaching, learning, applied research, and the needs and demands of industrial partners. The EMR Digital Twin Academy thus brings added value that complements and goes beyond the academic state of the art on digital twins. It connects the academic partners (the education system) with society as a whole (the industrial and societal players) by responding to the concrete expectations of today's and tomorrow's labour markets. 

By supporting this project, the programme area Euregio Meuse-Rhine will be able to:

  • Demonstrate digital twins to young and/or unemployed people in order to attract them for new professions and businesses and bring them up to these fascinating new careers.
  • Train students, CEO, executives, blue-collar worker, white-collar worker, CEO, executives, unemployed people in digital twins with the latest innovations in hybrid and digital learning. This training programme will be accessible to all citizens of the Euregio area in an ATAWAD mode (any time, anywhere, any device)
  • Create an area of excellence in digital twin implementations and innovation and exploration by creating a cross-border ecosystem of students, academics, researchers, trainers, experts, and industrial partners, creating business, jobs & career opportunities very difficult to delocalize.