With the current efforts of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine regions for the construction of the Einstein Telescope (ET) for the detection of gravitational waves, there is a chance to establish a large-scale research facility here, which offers simultaneously a great chance especially to SMEs, to improve their technologies. It will take several years until the ET is operational. ET2SMEs will use this period to enable SMEs already located in the Greater EMR or start-ups still being founded to benefit from this facility with their products and services. 

Due to numerous high-tech SMEs and start-ups as well as research institutions and universities the programme area is currently already very well positioned in these enabling technologies on an international level. In order to provide the players with the opportunity of a return of investment up to the construction of the ET, related markets like aerospace and automotive, but also other, neighbouring application fields (profiting from the emerging ET technologies), are addressed simultaneously by ET2SMEs.​

ET2SMEs supports the development of new innovative products and services by promoting transnational R&D projects established by SMEs collaborating across borders. Experiences in EMR from two previous INT-periods prove clearly, that these collaborations are well accepted if the right pre-con­di­tions are fulfilled, building on two main pillars:

  1. Active Business Development Support: Cross-border networking opportunities, individual company visits,  substantial support in the formation of appropriate consortia, the application process, and project implementation.
  2. Attractive funding opportunities: Good balance between efforts and money for SMEs, simple and quick administrational and payment procedures.