In the hospitals and care centers, patients have to be hooked up to many devices in order to monitor vital parameters such as temperature, heart rate, O2 saturation... In addition, nurses have to perform a lot of manipulations to collect and record data in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), preventing them to really taking care of the patients.

The challenge addressed by wearIT4health is to bring back the patient at the heart of the health care system, and guarantee an optimal follow-up during hospitalization. This will be achieved by simplifying the collection, integration and processing of the monitoring data.

The objective of wearIT4health is the creation of a wearable multi sensor monitoring device that is comfortable for the hospitalized patients and compatible with the IT infrastructure of the different hospitals of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

The monitoring device that will be developed will record medical data and analyse it in order to help the medical team to take the most adequate decision for the patient. It will also be able to inform of risk situation via alarms.

The project will focus on the hospital environment and take into account the reality of patients and nurses. The hospitals will therefore play a crucial role in the specifications of the monitoring device, its validation and its integration into their infrastructure.

The targeted patients are the ones who are in a “classical” hospitalization and aren’t under constant monitoring at the emergency or intensive care.


Project pictures