The project aims at placing the Euregio Meuse-Rhine both as a top technological region with excellent career opportunities as well as a welcoming region for the newly arrived. Employment is a key factor for the integration of the newly arrived in the region.

The active population gets older and older, they do not have children and they tend, according to statistics, to rather emigrate than immigrate. Professional experts have the possibility to choose in between a large number of jobs offered in various sectors. The intention is to develop and harmonise services with the purpose of resulting in a real Euregional market in the field of employment and placement in the EMR. This project aims at assessing the regional offer in the field of advice and services, and to establish a common base, which shall be observed by all. This welcoming culture is meant to reflect with the help of a joint effort, with a joint Euregional marketing strategy, the objectives of the joint labour market as well an Euregional welcoming culture for the newly arrived.


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