The project EMRLingua aims at strengthening the position of the neighbouring languages ​​French, German and Dutch and emphasises the intercultural competencies in primary, secondary and vocational education in the EMR, in order to reduce obstacles caused by the borders in the field of the labour market, studying and living. By strengthening the knowledge of neighbouring languages ​​and acquiring intercultural competencies, the potential of the Euregion is better utilized.

The direct proximity of three languages ​​offers many opportunities to come into contact with neighbouring languages and the speakers of these languages in a natural and casual way, and to develop the necessary intercultural competences. In order to give neighbourhood language education in the EMR a sustainable structure, to bundle the knowledge and skills in the Euregion, and to create synergy effects, a Euregional coordination and expertise centre will be set up with help from this project.

From here, a network of schools, teachers, and other experts in the field of local language education and intercultural competencies are maintained and supported. This centre will serve as a central point of contact for cross-border exchanges between teachers, best practices, training and workshops, school exchanges and visits, individual exchanges of pupils or study trips in the neighbouring country or region. The management of the labels for Euregio profile schools and Euregio schools will also be transferred to the coordination centre. The centre also coordinates, facilitates, and supports the update and exchange of existing Euregional teaching materials and, above all, the development of attractive digital teaching materials in the three Euregional languages.