euPrevent Senior Friendly Communities

The project ‘Senior Friendly Communities’ is facing the social and economic challenges resulting from demographic changes (‘ageing’) in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR). The aim of the project is to create senior friendly communities in the EMR.  Communities that are future-proof and where health care, caretaker- and inclusion kindness are central. 

The aim of the project is to create senior friendly municipalities in the EMR, paying specific attention to mental health. The accent is on mental health, with special attention for dementia and age-related depression.  The partner organizations work closely with 32 participating municipalities from the EMR. The project is aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences and the implementation of concrete cross-border prevention activities.

Under the motto "Live safely, enjoy life, stay involved ' the ultimate goal is that seniors in the EMR continue to participate with pleasure in our society.

The project started in September 2016 and has a duration of 3 years.


Project pictures