The current health crisis has exacerbated the shortage of MLTs (medical laboratory technologists) that has already been evident for several years. The FUNFORLAB project takes up a second challenge, the need to adapt the technical skills of MLTs to the increasing automation of their trade. The training of medical laboratory technologists is mainly given in Haute Ecole (BE, NL) or vocational school (DE).

These schools are equipped with laboratories for teaching manual medical analysis techniques. However, most analyses are fully automated and the schools are unable to equip themselves with automatons.

Bringing together 6 financial partners and several methodological partners spread throughout the EMR, the FUNFORLAB project has set itself several objectives:

  1. to promote scientific professions in general and MLT in particular
  2. to increase the homogeneity of MLT training and to remove the obstacles to euregional mobility.

The partners will involve three target groups:

  1. Secondary school teachers and students  in order to motivate them for the MLT profession;
  2. School drop-outs in order to motivate them for the MLT profession;
  3. MLT students and teachers in order to involve them in the steps aimed at homogenising and increasing the quality of MLT curricula and thus increase interregional mobility and employability.