Terra Mosana

The proposal aims at reinforcing the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) tourist attraction and EMR citizens shared identity feeling through the digital exploitation of cultural heritage. Detailed narratives in digital form will show the shared history of several cities from the EMR. The digital form will consist of 3D models of EMR cultural heritage and be presented through virtual reality and augmented reality realisations in several EMR cities. Citizens and the tourists will see, on one hand, experiences staging the whole EMR territory in 3D and, on the other hand, targeted narratives, which will be set up on site through virtual and augmented reality technologies.

By consequently emphasising the common history of and connections between the heritage sites the consortium expects to increase touristic mobility, extend stays and thus increase hotel stays in the region. Furthermore the consortium expects increasing interest in cross-border identity feeling with citizens on the basis of recognised common culture and history.

The consortium intends to develop several facilities (technical platform, legal and ethical framework for digital productions, data structure, website), which will enable the incorporation of new digital products in the future. Concrete outputs will be delivered in the form of an EMR wide exposition and digital productions around cultural heritage sites in Liege (2 productions), Maastricht, Tongeren and Aachen.